Why does Outdooractive invest in open tourism?

The distribution of data has been a core task of Outdooractive for many years. With opentourism.data, Outdooractive now provides a central place for touristic data of customers and interested people. The advantage is that customers no longer have to provide their own data individually and interested users can search, find and download all necessary information in one place..

What role does Outdooractive play?

Opentourism.data is an independent and non-commercial travel data channel financed and implemented by Outdooractive.

Who can join opentourism.data?

Basically everybody. Whether the touristic data will be provided by Outdooractive, by customers of Outdooractive or any person interested in touristic data or working in tourism, can use this data platform.

Which data is relevant?

This platform is not about customer-specific or personal information but rather about making tourist-related information accessible to everyone, for example: events, current news, regional information and location descriptions, tours and activity trails, accommodations, attractions and sights, but also stories, pictures or videos.