• outdooractive_tour

    This data set provides a tour created by Outdooractive
  • outdooractive_skiresort

    This data set provides a skiresort created by Outdooractive
  • outdooractive_hut

    This data set provides a hut created by Outdooractive
  • outdooractive_event

    This data set provides an event created by Outdooractive
  • outdooractive_poi

    This data set provides a point of interest created by Outdooractive
  • is the public data open platform of the French Government.

    The Federal Open Data Task Force of FPS Policy and Support DG Digital Transformation and DAV-ASA ("Task Force") hosts a website with open data that are made available by the...
  • Open Data Austria

    In the interests of national visibility and transparency,, as the central "Austria" catalog, is to record and retrieve the metadata of the decentralized data catalogs...
  • Open Data Germany

    In the library of GovData you will find information and documents on the subject of "open government", such as legal texts, studies or guides, as well as links to other...
  • Inspire Geoportal

    The INSPIRE Directive requires the Commission to establish a community geoportal as an access point to the Member States infrastructures through network services. The Member...